Mindful Meditation for Health & Wellness has its origins in the ancient cultures of India and Tibet more 5,000 years ago. Some people claim to have “re-discovered” this ancient meditation technique. The truth is, it has never been lost!

This meditation technique has been handed down by families through the generations and has remained in daily practice by individuals and families for over 5,000 years.

Mindful Meditation for Health & Wellness is one of the simplest, most effortless and natural forms of meditation. Despite what many people think, it doesn’t require any concentration or control of the mind.

It requires the learning of a basic technique. With correct instruction and your own regular practice you will learn how to quieten your mind to the “Theta” brainwave state, and therefore remain in a state of restful alertness.   This means that although you will be in a state of deep relaxation, you are able to stop your meditation at any time should you wish.

While you are in the Theta brainwave state, your body will receive a deep level of rest – three to five times deeper than you experience when you are asleep – which enables you to gradually let go of the stresses that have built up in your body over the period of your life.

There are no mandatory religious mantras and there is no mind control at all involved. Mindful Meditation for Health and Wellness is perfectly safe and should become in important part of your daily mindfulness practise.

It is said that just 20 minutes of restful meditation is equivalent to a staggering 4 hours sleep!

Meditation put simply is the practice of entering a relaxed state of mind.  A state where you are able to transcend the conscious mind into an altered state of awareness, an altered state of being.   Meditation is also known as “Transcending” the mind.

While in this meditative state, many real physiological and psychological benefits are obtained, which you will soon notice once your regular meditation routine is established.

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