Unwind and relax as you enjoy this unique meditation experience with our Sacred Sound Sound Healing Meditation & Gong Bath.

Journey to the depths of your subsconscious mind with the healing sounds of Sacred Gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, Amazon flute, Shamanic Drum, Chimes, Metallophone & more, removing stress and promoting healing, health & wellness.

Immerse yourself in the sacred sounds as you go on a journey to your inner self, leaving you refreshed and stress-free!

We are pleased to announce a new era in our Sound Healing Meditation which now features the luxurious Gong bath, with enhanced gong playing techniques from Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux.


Meditation provides you with a deep relaxtion and the sacred sound journey and solfeggio frequencies of the healing instruments allow a profound healing to take place.

The first way it does this is by removing stress with complete relaxation. When you remove stress, the human body has an amazing ability to self-heal and this is the tremendous opportunity which the sacred sounds provides to your body.

During the sound journey your mind is taken to the delta brainwave state of hypnotic trance where your body is able to provide it’s own healing on a deeper level through your mental, physical and energetic bodies.

Sacred Sound Healing Meditation

Each of the body organs, chakras and the complete body systems resonate at certain frequencies and when one part is out of balance it can have a domino effect with the other parts of the body.

The frequencies of the instruments resonating with each part of your emotional and physical being, provide a very deep level of transformational healing.   The healing & sacred sounds of the specifically tuned sound therapy instruments do this by allowing your body systems, organs and chakras to be balanced and tuned back to their own frequencies for optimum health and wellbeing.

Each person’s experience is unique as your body will receive exactly what it needs from the session through your own body’s inner-knowing and innate ability to self-heal. The benefits of the Gong bath and sacred sound journey will astound you, the experience is truly magical and a wonderful way to give time to yourself, promoting health and wellbeing by nurturing your mind, body and spirit.

See Calendar for current schedule.

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Bookings essential!

Friday Feb 10th  – 8pm
Himalaya Valley Yoga Centre
1st Floor Penrose Wharf, Cork City.  €15 / Concession €10

Sunday Feb 12th11am
Flow Yoga, Hartes Courtyard
Clonakilty  €15 / Concession €10

Sunday Feb 12th – 7pm
Yoga le Grá, Unit 22 Westside Business Centre
Model Farm Road Cork City.  €15 / Concession €10

Yoga mats, blankets and cushions provided by the centre.
Please feel free to bring sleeping bag, duvet, extra blanket as required to make your yoga mat more comfortable.
Please bring your water bottle.

Bookings essential:
Send email to: sacredsoundsireland (at)
gmail (dot) com