Anyone can learn how to meditate.
People of all ages, educational backgrounds, cultures and religions in all countries throughout the world practice this technique and enjoy its wide range of benefits. It doesn’t require any particular set of beliefs or the adoption of any particular lifestyle. The meditation is a simple, traditional technique, created over 5,000 years ago and designed for busy families to easily fit meditation into their daily routine.
The benefits of meditation are many, and are usually experienced immediately and are cumulative, affecting all areas of your life.

Meditation, or contact with the inner state of wellness that we experience when we meditate, helps you to:
• Lower your stress levels
• Increase your energy and awareness
• Enhance your creativity and efficiency in daily life
• Improve your health and longevity by letting the body experience deep levels of rest, which boosts the immune system, and helps the body to maintain perfect functioning – and also delays the aging process.
• Experience more happiness in all areas of your life
• Meet life’s demands without stress
Meditation for Health & Wellness© is a practice that becomes part of your daily life. For maximum results we recommend meditating twice a day for 20 minutes. It is not a practice that we do once a week or only in stressful situations, or whenever we remember, although some people do this.
There needs to be a desire for change in your life and a commitment to practice the technique regularly.

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