It is widely known that the number one cause of all diseases is too much stress.   There are a vast number of people in the world today who are unhappy and unhealthy due to existing in a  state of stress for far too long.  This can manifest itself in many forms including anxiety, inability to make logical decisions, sleep disorders, depression, and even worse – it is a well-known fact that a continued stress overload will eventually develop into a life-threatening disease.

Regular meditation will give you the ability to remain unaffected by stress and as a result, you will maintain your ability to make logical decisions at times of stress.

Regular meditation will also allow your body to build up an increasing resilience to stress, after a period of time you will notice that you will not become affected by stressful events.  Instead you will remain calm and you will be able to make logical decisions with ease during stressful events.

I cannot say this enough, although there are many health benefits of meditation, the fact that meditation gives you the ability to cope with stress effectively on a daily basis and build up a resilience to stress, is the most important reason for you to have a regular meditation routine.   Many other benefits to your health and wellness will become obvious to  you as continue your regular meditation practice.

While in the pure meditative state your body is able to rest and regenerate at a cellular level, meditation is many times more effective at this than sleep itself.

So much that it is said that just 20 minutes of daily meditation is equivalent to a staggering 4 hours sleep. If you are serious about living a long, happy and healthy life, both mentally and physically, free of disease for as long as possible, then you should be serious about making meditation part of your daily life as soon as possible.

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